starphire® mirror


STARPHIRE® Mirror is the clearest, truest reflection available. The substrate glass is glass that has a lower mineral during the float-glass production process. The result is that when silvered, it has less of the blue-green tint that can make your mirror have slightly greenish reflections.

Skin tones are brighter, colors are truer, and the reflection appears more crisp and detailed. While no piece of glass is perfectly clear, STARPHIRE® Mirror provide some of the brightest reflections available. Use it in salons & spas, medical fields, jewelry display cases, or anywhere that a stunning reflection is desired

Acid-etched mirror

acid etch mirrorgives a cool, dreamy reflection, without being too shiny. The outside surface is still the etched side that resists fingerprints and oils, but the reflection is subtle and soft. It has a much warmer reflection than most steel and metal surfacing options, in addition to being easier to keep clean than most metal surfacing materials.

Tinted mirror

tinted mirrorFor achieving different affects in casinos, hotels, and restaurants, tinted mirror can create a mood while still offering the lightplay of a highly reflective surface. The results are subtle, but emotionally rewarding.

How are they made

STARPHIRE® ultra-clear mirrors start with low-iron glass that manufactured for exceptional clarity. “Low-iron” refers to the presence of a higher grade of silica sand that is almost completely void of iron oxide. It is this iron oxide that casts the greenish tint, and that tint can distort the true colors.

Think about it: Nearly every mirror you look through has a green filter on it,..which neutralizes skin tones, makes colors less vivid, and basically dulls the reflection. Some interior applications can really benefit from the enhanced color, focus, and bright reflection only aDreamwalls STARPHIRE® ultra-bright mirror can provide.

These mirrors go through all the same manufacturing methodology, and can even be tempered, cut, and fabricated just like regular glass. However, PPG Industries, which manufactures STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass, is only able to produce it at certain times of the year.

STARPHIRE® Mirror Stock Sheet

Thickness(mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3mm 1/8" Starphire 96"X130"
5mm 3/16" Starphire 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire 96"X130"
3mm 1/8" Starphire (Satin or Opaque) 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire (Satin or Opaque) 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire 48"X96"


This is the shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive wheel. Pencil Polished edge in a Satin finish (also available in clear finish) is the most common type of edgework on mirrors. Although this is not as common on mirrors as it is on glass. Beveled edges can also be applied to any of these edge finishes.

glass shapes


Below are some of the many shapes you may select from for your glass needs:

glass shapes

Please contact us to verify that we can cut the shape you desire with either a drawing, picture or diagram of the shape. A pattern is required before we can cut the glass for you. This pattern is usually created from paper, wood and/or cardboard.


Applications of Starphire®

  • Starphire® as Table Tops
  • Starphire® as Shower Door
  • Starphire® as Cabinet Door
  • Starphire® as Backpainted Glass
  • Starphire® as Jewellery Glass Showcase
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