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STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass

STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is a special low-iron, low-lead glass formula providing new dimensions in glass clarity and brilliance, unlike any commercial-grade glazing project can provide. STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is easily fabricated to any design specifications making it the perfect choice for any glass project or design, and is available in 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm thickness (or more commonly known as 1/16’’, 1/8’’, 3/16’’, ¼’’, 3/8’’, ½’’, ¾’’, 1’’).

ultra clear glassIf your project requires specifically enhanced energy performance, STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is still a perfect option for you. Solor-controlled low-E coatings can be applied to STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass safely and easily without distracting or lessening the quality of the overall glass clarity. When used in a shower enclosure, STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass allows you to focus instead on the natural colors and design of your titles and instead of the deep-green tint of traditional clear glass.

When used in windows and doors, STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass provides an amazing view completed undistorted and with unparalleled brilliance. Although normal clear glass may be acceptable for your average, run of the mill glass projects, STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass is exactly what you need to make your glass project shine with a clarity that is incomparable to that of ordinary glass. STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass has been used in thousands of projects and free conslutations are available.

starphire® glassBuilding designs that incorporates STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass by PPG achieve two goals – stunning clarity and amazing durability. Because STARPHIRE® is available in thicknesses up to one inch and provides the highest level of transparency in the industry, it has been the glass of choice for iconic structures across the country.

STARPHIRE® contains as little as 10% of the iron content of regular glass – allowing it to transmit 91% of light, compared to 83% for regular glass – without the greening effect typically associated with thick glass panels.

STARPHIRE® Glass Stock Sheet

Thickness(mm/in.) Description Stock Sheet Size(inch.)
3mm 1/8" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
5mm 3/16" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
10mm 3/8" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
12mm 1/2" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
19mm 3/4" Starphire Glass 96"X130"
3mm 1/4" Starphire (Satin) 96"X130"
5mm 1/4" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
10mm 3/8" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
12mm 1/2" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire Clear 84"X130"   48"X96"   36"X96"   48"X84"
6mm 1/4" Starphire White 84"X130"   48"X96"   36"X96"   48"X84"
10mm 3/8" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
12mm 1/2" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
12mm 1/2" Starphire White 84"X130"
10mm 3/8" Starphire White 84"X130"
19mm 3/4" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
19mm 3/4" Starphire White 84"X130"
3mm 1/8" Starphire (Satin) 96"X130"
5mm 3/16" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
6mm 1/4" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
10mm 3/8" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
12mm 1/2" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
19mm 3/4" Starphire (Satin, Opaque & Velour) 96"X130"
8mm 5/16" Starphire Glass  
15mm 5/8" Starphire Glass  
25mm 1" Starphire Glass  


This is the shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive wheel. Pencil Polished edge in a Satin finish (also available in clear finish) is the most common type of edgework on mirrors. Although this is not as common on mirrors as it is on glass. Beveled edges can also be applied to any of these edge finishes.

glass shapes


Below are some of the many shapes you may select from for your glass needs:

glass shapes

Please contact us to verify that we can cut the shape you desire with either a drawing, picture or diagram of the shape. A pattern is required before we can cut the glass for you. This pattern is usually created from paper, wood and/or cardboard.


Types of Starphire®

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