benefits of starphire® glass

Benefits of STARPHIRE® Products

STARPHIRE® provides formative advantages in comparison to standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required.

Colored STARPHIRE® displays true color with no green tint underlay, regardless of panel thickness. Coloring the glass is monitored according to strict standards, ensuring the prefect hue every time.

STARPHIRE® is suitable for most all glass applications and is favored by architects, initiators, developers and consumers.

STARPHIRE® is also suitable for screen printing, acid etching, heat treatment and decorating with ceramic colors. Its outstanding photometric properties allow technical applications such as solar and thermal collectors.


STARPHIRE® Ultra Clear Glass


Applications of Starphire®

  • Starphire® as Table Tops
  • Starphire® as Shower Door
  • Starphire® as Cabinet Door
  • Starphire® as Backpainted Glass
  • Starphire® as Jewellery Glass Showcase
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